Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beauty Expo 2010

Beauty Expo was held from 17 Sept to 20 Sept at KLCC. I was been there for the first day which only open for related industry members such as hairdresser and beautician. I never been beauty fair before, this is my first time with my girls, Zoey and Sabrina. Haha, actually both of them are really relevant to beauty industry, Zoey is hairdresser while Sabrina is beautician. But, I'm not either one. I just wanna be there to purchase CHEAP STUFFS! XD Hence, I had took my cousin name card to enter the beauty expo. Gotta credit to my cousin bro. lol

It's rainy day in the morning, 3 of us felt like don't want woke up from the bed. We met at my place and had breakfast together. Then, took public transport to KLCC. Zoey and Sabrina had already owned their car, and such a long long time never took public transport after driving, so they kinda blur blur while followed me to LRT station. They looks like came out from the jungle. lol.

We reached around 12pm, there were already damn crowded in the KLCC. Woah, it's really surprising me. Filled up the form and line up to get the pass. It took some times too. Finally get into the hall officially by 12.30pm. We chit chat a lot, looked for the stuffs we needed. I can tell you, you will be confuse by all the booths available in the hall, too many variety for cosmetic, skin care, hair care, manicure and blah blah blah. Even you can saw a lot of "女人我最大" Taiwan TV program showing on their booth to prove they were the license dealer from Taiwan. I can said, you can't even make decision on the spot, really spent some time to consider before you make decision.

Well, let's see what we had done in the Beauty Expo...

I think it called the hand mask...LOL
I was paksa to did it by Sabrina since I was the most dryer skin person among us.
Zoey with the cacat hand XD
The outcome...

The Senior class competition...

Zoey was participant in the competition too on Monday, so I'll be there again on Monday to support her. :D It's the last chance for me to look after the cheapest product in the fair. Hehehee.

After the tiring shopping, we went to lunch at Teppanyaki which located at food court area.

My fav..BEEF!

Sabrina I-Phone 4G! Really attractive!

Cute cute Zoey~ XD

We had spent the whole day together, after Beauty Expo, we went to Zoey's place and dinner at Yulek Steamboat. Such a great day with my girls! :D

Here comes! The stuffs that I bought from Beauty Expo...

The 28" curler which recommended by Zoey
3 for RM110, quite worth huh?
Luckily I found Sherly and Lilian share another 2 with me. :D

My passs with full
This ance gel quite effective, cost me RM9.90 only as promotion price.
The ori price as they state is RM59.90. WORTH!!!!
Facial Mask, 10 pieces RM14 bucks. Ok laa, consider cheap also. ;)
Always saw the brand product in the mag, I actually looking for it concealer, but no one serve me. Fine, but I found this Loose Powder aside with only RM15 bucks. LOL.
*The sample BB Cream I had forgot grabbed from where...
BlackHeads remover~!
The magnet with my picca! haha
Actually I'm participant in the Missy Search Contest by Mina Mag.
Just for fun! XD
But if you guys are free please vote for me ya :D

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