Wednesday, March 21, 2012




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Friday, March 9, 2012




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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weeeee~ My fav tee from Forever 21~~

Finally, my granny had admitted into hospital on Monday night. That was a exhausted night. Noon meeting with supervisor, I'm the first student who meet Mr.Rishi for checking the questionnaire. Luckily, just need to do come grammar correction only. Pheww. After that, lunch with baby and shopping for skin care products. Then rush back home to get ready to send granny to hospital by ambulance. Sorry baby, can't have more time with you due to family problem. I was kinda pek cek while at the emergency wad, HUKM Cheras. The doctor called up my mom asked granny to admit into hospital without letter. Then while we're there, the emergency wad didn't allow granny to admit. Totally without communication at all! Hey, you guys got database right? Exploit the technology la! Sigh. I dunno how many times the hospital management had disappointing me since few months ago. But luckily, the staff finally reach the surgeon who in-charge of granny operation. Then sent granny went into the spine wad successfully. After "serving" granny, we're all exhausted. But I still need to prepare for my presentation. Oh my. Such a hectic life for this year. Sigh.

Today presentation can consider ok la, lecturer didn't complaint much about my argument. Hehe. But I'm still tiring for whole day. Mom told me operation for granny was postpone. STUNNED. Tml early morning need to go HUKM for details again. Pray gao gao liao. I need more time to do my research and assignments. Sobs Sobs.

Just print out the 100 sample of questionnaire. Oh ya, any of you guys are purchasing Uniqlo product before? Can you guys do me a flavor to fill up the survey form? Please! Drop my a message ya. You information provided is GREATLY APPRECIATE! :)

My dog, Q Zai had bite my shoe lace become like that. LOL. Nothing I can say. Just hope that next victim will not be my Adidas.

Well, Good Nitez

Friday, July 29, 2011

Please ignore my unusual body figure, especially small boobs. lol

Did one of the coursework draft til the midnight ytd, then slept for few hours get up for class. Thank to the chicken essence, I have enough clear mind to think for the innovation class in the raining morning. If not sleepy like hell. But, my effort of the midnight gone because lecturer said "NO" to my draft. STUNNED. RE-DO! F word shout under my heart, but still have to do it.

Not in the mood right now actually, just phone with someone, make me feel bad at the moment. Can't you imagine, a mom ask his son/daughter to ignore the current gf/bf, find another bf/gf to serve her better. WTF!
You're not the one who never take care of your own son/daughter, then now you want your son's/daughter's bf/gf to serve you purposely? YOU FUCK OFF!
Not everyone must listen to your command and do things according to you. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?
You don't like him/her because the person never listen to you? You don't like the person because he/she was capable? You don't even like the person because you worry he/she can't take good care of your son/daughter in the future? or you just because of selfish to want the person serve you like a queen in the future? PLEASE, SHUT YOU MOUTH UP!
You don't have such qualification to judge someone that you don't even know. You don't have such qualification to ask people listen to you command. You don't even have such fucking qualification to said that to your son/daughter.


*I need to sleep...sibeh tired because of not enough sleep and MC*

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My room ish MESSY!! lol

Went out for k session with Teng and Tracy today. Miss Sabrina, she was not here with us today since she went to singapore without told us. Adeii, i really miss my social life. ;(
Chilled a while at chatime then need to back to granny place again. Sorry guys, can't chit chat and have more time to spend with you guys, I really hope to enjoy my time with you guys, but I can't. Why? Because every night I have to be a "private nursing" for my grandmom. She had injured her spine last month, now is waiting HUKM to confirm the date for operation. I dunno how long we still need to wait, but I really pray as soon as possible. My mom was the one who in charge and decide everything, can consider as the family leader among others. But this lead to everyone is rely on her. I knew she was stress enough ady, the only thing i can do is share her burden and help her every night.

Sorry to say that, the elder peoples really hard to satisfy. Granny made us really out of the mood and "pek cek" all the time. What to do? Pray hard for the operation lor... *sigh*

I really dunno what the hell is the government doing? Never look at us who are not affordable to pay for medical fees and even make the patient await for the urgent operation. *double sigh*

Well, the Pejabat Kesihatan came to spot check again. *due to I stay at goverment flat, can't breed dogs, but I DID!* Kena another warning letter, so what? You guys just wanna get money from us for raya is it? Whenever you guys raya or we new year, you will appear suddenly. I'm not racist, I'm blame about the specific group of people! But the main problem is who??? Obviously, the G again.

Now need to pray again, everything can get smooth and move into my new house as soon as possible. ;))

**Continue my hard!***